Our services

The team of Amira-Bulgaria real estate agency, offers the full range of professional services related to acquisition of property and particularly of houses in Bulgaria:

Viewing trips*

Viewing trip with client's car 0 €
Viewing trip with our company`s car 0.30 €/km

* Our viewing trips start from Varna

Estate agent fee

Our services include but are not limited to the following scope of activities Amount of the commission we charge for a purchase of a real estate through the agency
  • Verification of property ownership documents
  • Preparation of a Preliminary Contract Agreement by a licensed lawyer
  • Translation of the Preliminary Contract to client's native language
  • Organizing the signing of the Preliminary Contract and the payment of the agreed deposit
  • Second thorough examination of the documents of the property and the final Purchase-Sale Contract
  • Settlement of the official deal at the Notary
3% but not less than 1200 €

Additional services

Preparation of the Title Deed by a licensed lawyer

100 €

Additional services required after purchasing a property:

  • Declaring the property in the Тax Оffice
  • Declaring the property in the local Cadastre office
  • Transfer of water and electricity bills to the customer's name
  • Application for registration in Bulstat office
100 €
Application for registration with the local Migration Office for a Long-term Residence Permit from 50 €
Opening a Bulgarian bank account 0 €